Research and TA / CA Opportunities

Zoran Kostic, Professor of Professional Practice, zk2172(at)

Electrical Engineering Department, Data Sciences Institute, Columbia University in the City of New York

Postdoctoral position opening link.

Current opportunities for research and teaching TA/CAs, for Columbia University students. To express interest/apply - see below.

Deep Learning Projects

  • AI for Smart Cities and Digital Twins

  • Applications to project COSMOS -> link, link, link, link

    • Cloud-connected vehicles

    • Smart city intersections

    • Smart-city navigation

    • Real time

    • Object Detection and Tracking

  • Medical applications - Peripheral edema detection

  • Medical applications - Using speech and language to identify patients at risk for hospitalizations and emergency department visits in homecare

  • Medical applications - AI in surgery

IoT Projects

  • Physical data analytics: developing algorithms based on Amazon AWS, python and Google tools

  • Course development: Intel Edison or Raspberry PI - deployment of new use cases.

  • High resolution indoor localization

  • Medical applications

Project COSMOS

  • Advanced wireless research test-bed -> link, link, link, link

  • COSMOS sensors

  • 5G technologies: Low latency

  • Mobile 5G technologies:Smart cities

Parallel Computing - GPU and Heterogeneous Computing Projects

  • Implementation and optimization of algorithms used in internet of things and deep learning

  • Using Nvidia processors and OpenCL and CUDA languages.

Current opportunities for research of TA/CAs, for Columbia University students.

Announced at -> link (lionmail account required).

Instructions how to apply/express interest in doing a research project or taking a TA/CA position.

Do the following two things:

  1. Populate the following questionnaire ->: Student Interest in Research or TA / CA with Prof. Kostic

  2. Send email to with this subject: Student Interest in Research or TA / CA with Prof. Kostic.

    • (a) Attach CV, transcripts from BS degrees, and grades at Columbia University

    • (b) Copy the following questions and answer them

Last Name:

First Name:

CUID/UNI (as in zk2172):

Major at Columbia (EE, CS, ...):

Degree pursuing and semester (as in BS, MS, PhD, 1, 2, 3rd semester):

Columbia graduate-level GPA:

Undergraduate school, major and GPA: (as in Rutgers university, EE, 3.88/4)

What course did you take with Prof. Kostic, which grade did you get (Example: 6765, A-)

Enter research projects that you are interested in:

Are you interested in course assistant position (Yes/No + course name):

Number of credits taking this semester (3,6,9,12, other), outside of this activity: